(1)Fits all Kenwood FRS/GMRS/Baofeng radios with the standard Kenwood 2-pin connector (2)Push-To-Talk system connects aviation and military headsets to commercial radios (3)Mil-standard U94 body with alligator clip for attaching to clothing or MOLLE webbing (4)High quality polymer construction.Fit for Nato Plug (5)Suitable for Standard Original COMTAC/MSA/EARMOR/TCA/FMA RAC /FCS /Earmor /TMC/ tactical headset


Q:ptt can work with which brand headset ? A:Military PTT work with Original COMTAC/MSA/EARMOR/TCA/FMA RAC /FCS /Earmor /TMC Headset .Right ,Original Version Headset Q:this ptt compatible for WST series headset A:uncompatible .military version can't fit ,choose civilian version up94 ptt .it can work. Q:ptt compatible for comtac? right? A:military version compatible for original comtac ,copy version comtac headset choose civilian headset Q:This ptt compatible for earmor ? A:Original earmor compatible military version Q:ptt connect headset and radio ,no work ?no sound?push radio button , it show light on on radio A:this no quality problem .possible military can't compatible for headset Q: how to solve ptt no work ? A: contact to us ,we will help u solve problem Q:military version same with civilian version ,what different ? same shape A: military ptt Internal wiring different ,so many copy headset can't work when use military ptt Q: Market have many copy version headset ,choose which ptt A:Market Copy Headset Choose Civilian Ptt,Except Earmor Headset